2. I swear to god if I have to see one more gif of that parasitic spawn


  3. God though all these posts I keep seeing about Easter rabbits, obviously don’t buy animals as a frivilous seasonal gift but jesus “rabbits need to be kept inside”, “rabbits aren’t for children”, “rabbits require as much care as a dog”.

    What a steaming crock of bullshit.

  4. In which there is nobody left to forgive us

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  5. meangay:

    defend single mothers to the fuckin grave

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    Dark and deep.

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    My dad’s old friends try to kill me (attempts 1 to 6)
    A novel by Torak

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    "I am supportive of Maria because if we are not careful we end up with a witch-hunt of somebody. The committee has told her to repay some money and she should apologise and she has done both those."Ian Duncan Smith

    Who exactly is being witch hunted Ian? Tougher sanctions for claimants… except one – The Telegraph

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    Michael Creese, Heaven (2014), oil on canvas.

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    Spaces from Monument Valley. Trailer

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